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cuts that are set to take effect on march 1st. i'm joined by my good friend, christine romans. host of "your bottom line." john avlon is a cnn contributor and senior columnist at "newsweek" and the daily beast. margaret hoover is a cnn political contributor and republican consultant. christine, let's start with you. economists warn the sequester could lead to a recession. that's not scaring business away. american airlines and us airways will merge. warren buffett is buying heinz. michael dell is taking his company private. there's business going on. as you've said before, uncertainty is the new normal. >> absolutely. you see these movements within the corporate sphere that are telling us that they are trying to be on the offense. at the same time, you see a retrenchment deepening in europe. that europe story is so instructive for the discussion going on about the skweser in washington. by the way, there's going to be a ten-day break coming up for your elected officials, for our elected officials, so they don't have much time to get this straightened out. when you look at companies
the unemployment rate to stay at 7.8%. >> of course, christine romans here to break down the numbers as soon as they come out. that will happen at 8:30 live on "starting point." >>> for the first time in a long, long time, hillary clinton will be sleeping in on saturday. today is the secretary of state's final day on the job. the former first lady, former senator, former presidential candidate logged almost 1 million miles in the air since joining the state department four years ago, this week she told cnn she is looking forward to getting some rest, but for how long? you know what i'm talking about. 2016. >> also penning a memoir, so she'll be a little bit busy. >>> fox news host geraldo rivera is considering a run for a new jersey senate seat in. he has been in touch with republican party officials against frank lautenberg or newark mayor cory booker. >>> eight minutes after the hour. tense negotiations at this very minute to try to get a gunman to give up and let his 5-year-old hostage free. a live update, coming up. >>> cough syrup being recalled. pay attention, especially if you have li
's not to blame. good morning, almost to "early start" this tuesday morning. i'm christine romans. john berman will join us later on "starting point." >>> let's get started here. a 5-year-old boy held captive for six days in an underground bunker in alabama is back in the arms of his farmly this morning. we are so happy to report that. we're told that hes thrilled to be reunited with his favorite toy which is a dinosaur. little ethan's kidnaper is dead, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes killed yesterday in the fbi raid that freed that little boy. victor blackwell, live from midland city, alabama this morning. i know you're very excited to be sharing this information, victor. what do we know about the raid and why law enforcement actually decided to go in? >> good morning, zoraida. two reasons primarily. the first is because authorities say they observed jimmy lee dykes with a gun and the second reason is because in the day leading up to that raid, the communications with dykes had broken down. so they realized they could not wait any longer to go in and rescue ethan. ethan is safe. this is a photogr
to speed on all the morning's top stories. christine romans is here for that. >>> a dangerous winter storm is targeting the northeast. >> it's the big one. >> it is. parts of new england already under a blizzard watch this morning. two feet of snow, maybe more could fall in parts of massachusetts and rhode island beginning tomorrow. get ready. the fda sends out a warning about a new fake version of the cancer-fighting drug avastin. it says at least one batch sent by a new york-based distributor contained no active ingredient. the counterfeit version is marked as altisan which is not approved in the u.s. the injectable drug treats colorect colorectal, lung and break cancers. >>> timothy geithner has revealed that he will write a book about the bailouts. he took heat about the bank bailouts and how it was free money for the banks. he was head of the new york fed at the time. supporters credited him with preventing a global economic collapse. we are told he is shopping still for the publisher. >>> bridget jones is back. it's been 14 years since the last novel. the first two books sold 15 mill
? good morning. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm christine romans. 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's get started. >>> first, the not so triumphant turn of the carnival "triumph." thousands of passengers who spent five days stranded at sea and slogging through sewage are sleeping on warm beds or on buses or trains, finally headed home it blocked in mobile, alabama. listen to the cheering bounds on board. but also family members waiting for them. passengers began streaming off about an hour later. some were angry and others were stateding it all in stride. all of them relieved to be back on shore. >> we are happy to be on dry land. it's been a horrible experience for us. it was a great cruise to start off with, but it just -- you know, the morning of the fire. >> there was a fire alarm. >> and we've been kept in the dark a lot. we haven't been told everything that we probably should have known. and it was just, you know, the -- the things just kepting worse and worse and we could never, ever really get a straight answer, the bathroom facilities were horrible, we couldn't flush toilets. >> no elect
that the economy is improving. so you can be happy about that. christine romans is here with me. she's smiling, too. one of those good news bad news stories. on your personal economy, you always tell me your business is a business of one, economy of one. that's painful statistics. >> it is. it's a week worth of your life wasted trying to get to work. it's a sign of a strengthening economy, it means you are driving to work more, it means more deliveries are being taken by truck on the roads. and it also means bridges are being fixed, some of those delays are because of infrastructure work. in 2005 you spent 43 hours in the car every year, 2010 dropped to 34 hours. we are back up to 38 hours. that's enough wasted gasoline sitting in traffic costs you 818 bucks a year, as much gas as could fill the superdome four times. dc is the worst which has a growing economy. dc, los angeles, san francisco, new york and boston. those are cities with the worst traffic, this from texas a & m. >> i know everybody is different. everybody has a different commute and that sort of thing. on average, what is the family b
, christine romans in new york. jessica at the white house. gloria, if this is such a horrible idea, why did the white house come up with this plan in 2011 to begin with? >> iffy noticed, wolf, the president kept calling this a manufactured crisis. well, in fact, it was manufactured right here in washington by the president of e united states and voted for 174 house republicans voted for these forced spending cuts to force them to do their jobs. now we're in this crazy situation in washington where publicly people are protesting, politicians saying we can't do this, but privately, there are liberal democrats who say you know what, this wouldn't be such a bad thing, cut self-defense, can and conservative republicans says 5% across the board in domestic spending, not such a bad idea. >> and talking about defense cuts, john, these are cuts only in washington language. there will be increases in defense spending every year over the next ten years. but if the so-called sequestration goes through, they won't be as huge as they would have been without it. >> right. many agencies, including the pern
minutes past the hour. i'm christine romans, along with john berman. looking at the top trends on the web. >> at age 22, she's already an academy award winner. hollywood's leading lady. but this morning, the buzz is about jennifer lawrence and how she tripped. it was on her way to accept her best actress oscar. this, after she allegedly ripped her dress at the s.a.g. awards. she handled it with unbelievable grace and charm. >> the fall on the way up to the stage. >> was that on purpose? absolutely. >> what happened? >> what do you mean what happened? look at my dress. i tried to walk up stairs in this dress. that's what happened. >> there's like 100 feet long. >> hollywood's biggest night, on the minds of the late-night hosts this weekend. michelle obama, making an appearance at the oscars last night. and jimmy fallon, showbiz may be in her future. here are the late-night laughs. >> the academy awards. it's television's answer to jetblue. you sit there for four hours, waiting for it to take off. >> adele getting nominated for that song. ♪ >> that was -- >> that's awesome. >> nice. >> he
better so we're adding some construction jobs. >> i so like to hear positive news. christine romans thanks so much from new york. >>> at the bottom of this hour i'm going to talk to a former member of the president's jobs council, co-founder of aol, steve case, so stick around for that. >>> new pictures this morning of reporters dogging democratic new jersey senator robert menendez. in case you're wondering these pictures were taken outside of his house in washington, d.c. menendez fighting allegations he violated finance laws and had sex with underaged prostitutes. he gave his first on camera comments to cnn regarding this issue. >> reporter: senator menendez do you have any response to violating any campaign finance laws? >> i have comments printed at any office. >> reporter: nameless, faceless? >> anonymous allegations. you should find out who that is. >> the senator is in line to become chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. >>> scary moments for some alaska air passengers. flight was forced to make an emergency landing because the captain passed out. >> and then al
orleans. >>> the housing market is being called the comeback kid right now. christine romans shows us signs of a real recovery and explains why 2013 just might be the year of the house. >> reporter: this is what a recovering housing market looks like. an inspector looking things over before a final sale. and open house where 92 different brokers stop by. >> look at this. >> reporter: and home prices finally moving higher. in november, up 5.5%, the biggest gain in six years. and many experts agree, the recovery is just getting started. >> 2013 should be a very good year for the housing market. we expect the spring selling season to be robust. historically low mortgage rates with a 30-year fixed low. affordability. >> some sort of stool or something where you could sit there. >> reporter: those low mortgage rates are a boon for first time home buyers. >> i think it's just the right time to buy right now. >> reporter: and for refinanc s refinancers. this guy has refinanced twice in two years. >> if you can save even 100 to $150 a month, it seems worth it. >> reporter: and you know it's
's very scary. >> good friday morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. john berman will co-host "starting point this morning." >> i'm zoraida sambolin, friday, february 15th. we're on earlier this morning. it's 4:00 a.m. in the east. up first, the return of the triumph. the cruise from hell is finally over. thousands of passengers who spent five days stranded at sea and slogging through sewage and now sleeping in warm beds, we understand, or on buses, trains, and planes heading home. carnival's crippled cruise liner docked last night in mobile, alabama. listen to those cheering crowds. passengers began streaming off an hour later. some were angry, others taking it in stride. all of them relieved to be back to shore. >> we are glad to be on dry land. it just has been a horrible experience for us. it was a great cruise to start off with, but it just, you know, the morning of -- >> sunday morning at 5:30, there was a fire alarm and, oh. >> and we have been kept in the dark a lot, and we have not been told everything that we should have. and it is, you know -- the things that j
with christine romans you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you. . >>> hello, everybody. i'm christine romans in for ashleigh banfield. the blade runner walks for now. a bombshell ruling in an announcement from pretoria. she swirms and tries to stick to her story. jodi arias. >>> two days away from historic daytona 500 danica patrick is on a roll. >>> oscar pistorius is getting out on bail. the blade runner will walk out of a courthouse today after days of uncertainty. his bond has been set the 1 million rand. about $100,000. he can't return to his house and must report every monday and friday to a police station. he must avoid witnesses, surrender his passport and can'
. >> reporter: christine romans, cnn, new york. >>> there was a time when too much was barely enough for paula deen, but the queen of southern cooking had to change her ways when she was diagnosed with diabetes. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you. >>> hello again, i'm fredricks whitfield. you are in the cnn newsroom. a look at our top story right now, all about daytona. nascar driver jimmie johnson takes the win there. johnson won his second praise race in the daytona 500, becoming the tenth driver to win america's greatest race multiple times. we will go l
. >> but what does it mean for you, the flier? christine romans has details. >> because it's all about us in the end, isn't it? the goal is a more efficient, more profitable airline, but that's going to take some time. airline mergers generally take a few years, so for now get ready for some logistical headaches. one analyst says the bigger the merger, the more problems there are. there could be some reservation problems initially. we can look at one of the most recent mergers for a clue. united and continental. in january, 2012, the first month the government combined data, customer complaints shot up 198%. most of the complaints are about flight problems, cancellations, delays and reservations and ticketing problems. these two airlines also have to combine their frequent flier programs. they'll have to woo back business travelers that american lost with all of those cancelled flights this fall because of a pilot sickout. here's travel expert mark murphy on some of the benefits of the deal. >> this merger will provide the traveler with better connections. i think you're going to be in ni
're welcome. >> christine romans, save me. >> not even 7:30 east coast. my goodness. >>> a team of scientists unveiling the face of long lost king richard iii. the most controversial british monarch and the last to have died in battle in the if 1 5th century. his skeleton found at a dig site 90 miles from london. one of the many controversial man arcs. this 500-year-old skeleton is that of the long lost king. erin mcloughlin joins us from london. what does the discovery mean? >> this means that beyond any reasonable doubt, they have, in fact, found the remains of richard iii. it means we have more clues as to how he died. we know that he was 32 years old when he rode into the battle of bosworth. we know that he likely died due to blunt trauma to the back of his head. scientists think his naked body was strewn over a horse and carried to a shallow and ill fitted grave and tossed inside without any shroud or coffin. we have a better idea of what richard iii looked like. scientists have used 3-d printing to make a reconstruction of his face. i got to take a look at in thtt morning and speak to o
of the union speech last year. did he keep the promises he made? christine romans will look at whether the president was true to his word or not, coming up next. ♪ let's go. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new cadillac xts... another big night on the town, eh? ...and the return of life lived large. ♪ >>> welcome back, everybody. we're coming to you live from washington, d.c., the president will give his state of the union speech. we are joined by -- wait a minute. not yet. nice to have you with us. john berman sticks around with us. the state of the union. very strong today. the central theme for the president in his state of the union address, in fact, all of them, has been jobs, and the job market. and jobs is exactly what we are expecting that we'll hear about tonight. and the past year, the labor market has improved. but 12 million people are still out of work. we want to begin with christine romans who breaks down the president's previous jobs promises. good morning. >> the president in the same address issued the word jobs, 42 times. i ran the text of that
and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. >>> i'm christine romans minding your business this morning. stock futures are up slightly but news of north korea's new nuclear test could cause investors to stay cautious. we're below record highs in stocks but they are up 7% so far this year. gas prices up according to aaa a gallon costs an average of $3.60, up 31 cents or 9% in the last 26 days. >>> the national association of realtors says home prices in the fourth quarter rose 10% compared with the year before, that's the biggest jump in seven years, and the gains in home prices are widespread, 133 of 152 cities are seeing price increases. >>> apple's ceo tim cook has a coveted spot at the state of the union, he'll be sitting with first lady michelle obama in special box seats. this isn't the first time the first lady's guest list has included tech stars. last year she was joined by laureen powell jobs. "starting point" begins after this. es! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at th
to "starting point." i'm christine romans minding your business. stock futures up despite fini finishing lower. the dow and s & p, best january since 1994 and are very close to all-time highs. dow 850 points up in less than two months. >>> in less than an hour, we'll get the january jobs report. the labor department is expected to report that the economy added 180,000 jobs, and the unra unemployment rate fell lightly to 7.7%. those are forecasts. when we get official numbers, we'll bring them to you live. >>> we continue to follow lots of breaking news. suicide bombing taken place outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. the the latest, live in turkey coming up next. [ tylenol bottle ] nyquil what are you doing? [ nyquil bottle ] just reading your label. relieve nasal congestion? sure don't you? [ nyquil bottle ] dude! [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! follow ji
'm christine romans. 2013 could be a boom year for the economy. how do you capitalize? start with understanding that today smart is the new rich. who better to have on than the smartest, richest man in the u.s., bill gates? you'll hear from him in a moment. >>> plus, media mogul arianna huffington on creating jobs. first, the soaring stock market. does that mean the economic recovery is real or is something else going on here? >>> looming budget cuts. >> we can't keep spending money we simply do not have. >> tax uncertainty. >> the deficit is still too high. >> gridlock over how to fix it. if it weren't for politicians in washington, 2013 could be a boom year. take a step back. your home, your investments, your job. the three ways most people build wealth are all set to take off. home prices rose 5.5% in november, biggest jump in six years, stocks are at five-year highs, near records. the dow is up 800 points in just four weeks. jobs are coming back. things are looking bright in 2013, but to capitalize, you'll have to get ready. and get smart. because smart is the new rich. company profits are
. a long story. that's "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. "starting point "with soledad o'brien starts right now. >>> welcome, everybody. the storm for the record books. historic blizzard could hit new england. we have live team coverage with everything you need to know. >>> he is considered extremely dangerous. new developments in the hunt for this man. a suspected cop killer, including what we've learned about a potential sighting overnight. >>> john brennan in the hot seat as he tries to become the new cia director. surprising views on interrogation tactics and drones. >>> then, he's out. the man squatting in a multimillian dollar mansion in florida gets the boot. >>> and we'll speak with jim clemente, dr. michael welner, james usera, a former classmate of christopher dorner. ronwiden, and david frei of the westminster kennel club. we want to welcome our international viewers as "starting point" starts right now. >>> hey, everybody. welcome. our "starting point," everyone bracing for the monster blizzard. could turn out to be a storm for the ages with fo
, is that what we're recovering to? good morning, i'm christine romans. 28 months in a row, 6.1 million jobs created in the past three years, but the jobs we're adding are not the same quality as the jobs we lost. survey from rutgers university finds 60% of people who found work in six months settled for lower pay. these aren't jobs you can send a kid to college on or buy a house. president obama detailed his blueprint for boosting the middle class. the only new proposal was an old one, raising the minimum wage. >> let's declare that in the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full time should have to live in poverty and raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour. >> free action was swift and fierce. conservatives say, hey, that's a jobs killer. progressives say it lifts families out of poverty. the problem, you can't find studies to support just about any position. a study found the new minimum wage actually means fewer jobs for low-skilled workers but a study by alan krueger concludes minl mihm wage hikes dewpoint reduce employment for fast food workers in new jersey. a study fro
're not in a recession. for many of you, it sure might feel like one. good morning, everyone. i'm christine romans. for a moment there it felt like things were turning around, stock market near all-time highs, housing market recovering and the economy adding jobs every month. now relief may have given way to a little bit of worry. here's why. it's starting to feel like a recession again, especially if you're living paycheck to paycheck, gas prices up nearly 50 cents in the past month. the fastest run-up, you're bringing homeless money, thanks to the expiration of the tax cut. you're getting about 60 bucks less every month. rents are rising, up 12 quarters in a row now. unemployment is still too high. if you were counting on an early tax refupd you have had to wait. because of the fiscal cliff fiasco, the irs did not start issuing refund checks until january 30th. a stretched consumer, a consumer who has no choice but to cut back. big companies you work for say this is already happening. this week, walmart, the proxy for the american consumer says february sales were slow. why? it blamed gas prices
. >>> a lot of news going on. we'll bring you up to speed. christine romans is here. >>> just into cnn, the average price for a gallon of gas has gone up to $3.75 a gallon, this is, if you're counting, the 33rd straight day it increased. prices have gone up about 45 cents in just over a month. the record high for the national average is $4.14. that was set in july 2008. we're expecting to hear a ruling in the bail hearing for oscar pistorius. the magistrate set to decide on whether it was premeditated murder. the olympic star breaking down sobbing at his defense team as his defense team denied the killing was premeditated. they maintained her death was not even murder. the prosecution says pistorius put on his prosthetic legs and walked 20 feet and then shot through a locked bathroom door killing her. >>> the case of kill patrick in the hands of the jury. killpatrick, his father and a detroit construction contractor are accused of engaging in breath taking corruption. >>> swiss food giant nestle is suspended deliveries of all products that include beef from a german supplier. nestle is
of the country. look at that. >> wow! >> good morning. i'm christine romans in for john berman today. >> i'm zoraida sam bbowlin. it is friday, february 22nd. >>> we have learned that at 7:30 this morning, oscar pistorius will learn the decision in his bail hearing. pistorius claims he mistakenly shot his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, believing she was an intruder. robin kurnow has been outside the courthouse. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can confirm we are expecting a decision by about 7:30 a eastern time. we'll bring that to you live on cnn n terms of what's happening now, the defense has been responding to the prosecution's final argument. essentially they're maintaining that oscar pistorius shouldn't be charged with murder, that it should be culpable homicide. that it's not a murder charge, yet on the other hand his intention was to kill. even if he didn't know it was reeva, the fact was that he intended to shoot, to fire, to kill. on the other hand, again, the defense saying, listen, he shot blindly. that in itself is an indication that he did not intend to kill, that it was ju
start" this morning. i'm christine romans. john berman is off today. >> thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm zoraida sambolin. it is friday, february 8th. it is 5:00 a.m. here in the east. let's get started. millions of people bracing for what could be a blizzard for the ages. take a look at the monster storm that's about to bury boston and bring misery to millions in the northeast. forecasters are using words like epic, historic to describe this massive storm. you're looking at live pictures from new york now. the big apple is also preparing for dangerous winds and up to a foot of snow, perhaps even more. a lot of schools are doing early dismissal today. right now 23 million people are under a blizzard warning. cnn meteorologist chad myers says he can't remember seeing a number that high. air travel is already a mess. nearly 3,000 flights scheduled for today and tomorrow have already been canceled. in boston there are fears today's storm could be worse than these images. this, folk, the 1978 blizzard that killed 100 people and destroyed thousands of homes. the forecasts there calling f
'm christine romans, i'm in for john better man. >> let's get started here. at any moment we could learn whether oscar hiss torous will be granted bail, despite a charge of premeditated murder against him. the latest development from our robin kerneau who is from inside the courtroom is proceedings are adjourned right now because the state needs to find the lead investigating officer. that officer now facing attempted murder charges for allegedly opening fire on a mini bus carrying seven people. that was at 2009. at stake for hiss torous if he doesn't get bail, possibly months in prison before a full trial gets under way. we have the very latest. >> reporter: south africa woke up to shocking news this thursday morning that the investigating officer in the oscar hicase is under investigation himself. the main investigator, in 2009, was charged with seven counts of attempted murder. we spoke to the prosecution authority about the allegations and they confirmed that charges have been reinstated against this investigating officer. in 2009, the charges were dropped. on the fourth of february,
now is good time to buy? christine romans explains on today's "smart is the new rich." >> reporter: it is moving day. this two bedroom apartment in new york city got tight when their son christian came along. now the family is wrapped up and ready to leave the big city. >> lucky for us we found a really great house for a decent price. i mean, probably a little bit more than we wanted to spend, but for what i think several years ago we would have paid, we got a good deal. >> and rates made it hard not to say yes. >> reporter: with good credit and a 20% down payment, the couple locked in a 3.5% rate for a 30-year loan. mortgage rates have come down steadily in the past several years. at the same time rents in major cities have gone up. a trend that is expected to continue this year. >> there is a shift toward wanting to rent. and there is a shortage of rental properties. that seems to be what is happening. >> reporter: home ownership was 69% at its peak in 2004. it dropped to just about 65%. but for this family, more room and low rates were too good to pass up. so across the bridge t
, and more jobs. christine romans is here to do a little fact ceching for us. >> last year he mentioned "jobs" 42 times. i ran this word through word cloud. it shows the weight that jobs had in that speech, more weight than anything else except the word "america," which i pulled out. how has he done this past year? 2 million jobs have been added. the unemployment rate has drifted down to 7.9%, down to the horrible peak of 10%. is he going to look back even father. the white house spokesman jay carney yesterday. >> the economy is continuing to grow, to continue to build on the progress we've made, to continue the job creation we've achieve, over 6.1 million over the past 35, 36 months. >> so 2 million jobs over the past year. fact chekt on that comment? true. 6 president 1 million jobs, 6 president 1 million created during that time. here's the reality chekt to that fact check. we're still down more than 3 million jobs since the recession began in 2007 and the jobs we're adding, zoraida, are another the same quality as the jobs we lost. a study at rut gigers found thi. 54% got lower paying job
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